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Chickens in your backyard? Absolutely! You don’t have to live on a farm or own lots of acreage to have chickens. People in cities and suburbs all across the country are discovering the fun and benefits of raising their very own flock of chickens right in their yard. So just about anyone can join in on the backyard chicken keeping movement.

Raising chickens at home is more than just a fad. Due to the economy and rising food costs, the desire to know where your food is coming from, and the growing trend toward natural and organic foods, backyard chicken keeping is growing rapidly. Whether you are looking to raise backyard chickens for eggs or for meat, or whether you just want a few chickens as pets (yep, that’s right, chickens can make great pets too!), there is the right breed of chicken for you. Can you imagine yourself relaxing in your backyard and enjoying the fun antics of your chickens? Or how about waking up being able to enjoy your very own fresh eggs for breakfast?

Then come on in and check out our website with articles on all sorts of aspects of chicken care, from building a chicken coop to raising chicks to great backyard chicken breeds, because here at Backyard Chicken Keeping, you’re sure to find something of interest!

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